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Here's how we'll make it work for you:

We'll create a video presentation that tells your story in a comfortable way that invites multiple viewings. Before the interview, I'll consult with you, do research, and tailor the interview questions to suit your history, personality, accomplishments, and character. You'll be able to review the questions, and add any others that might be helpful in telling your story.

With a videographer using high-definition equipment, I'll come to your home, office, or wherever you'd like. And yes, I'll be on set with you...safely social distanced with a strict safety protocol. Not only is there more life to the video that way, but a free-flowing conversation will allow you to better share the stories of your life.

The video will be expertly edited, and you'll be able to review it before it's finalized. We'll deliver a final version to you either online, on DVDs, or on flash drive...your choice. Then you'll be able to share your legacy anywhere, and everywhere -- on your company's website, with your family, your school, or social media.

Lessons, Leadership, Legacy.

Watch my video samples, listen to the podcasts, all on the home page. I'd love to tell your story to the people whose lives will be enriched from your life experience. If you'd like to work with me, click here, and let's get in touch.

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